Sports Sense: Benefits of Breakthrough Thinking in Athletics

Hall of Fame baseball player and legendary wordsmith Yogi Berra famously said, “90% of this game is 50% mental.” While this math doesn’t add up, it points to a vital aspect of sports and athletic competition. Although the games we play and watch are visibly physical, the key to success in spo ...
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Tai Chi: An Ancient Art in a Modern World with Sifu Romain

Stress and anxiety accompanied by the pressures of daily life can have a significant impact to our overall well-being. From children to seniors, weekend warriors to elite athletes, all are affected in some way or another by varied levels of stress and anxiety. Not dealing with life’s issues can t ...
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Why We Love Dangerous Sports

Dangerous, deadly and extreme sport offers the possibility of death or injury but, nevertheless, usually has the ability to attract a large audience. The greater the risk, the larger the crowd. Extreme injury in sport and untimeliness of death are often overlooked beyond the enjoyment of the fans ...
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Concussion Discussion at London Symposium

On August 13th, 2014, I will join Eric Lindros, NHL hockey superstar and concussion awareness with many others, as he chairs the second annual Community Symposium on Concussion entitled, “See the Line”, in London, ON. Attendees will learn about the latest sport concussion research and insight ...
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The World of CrossFit with Scott Thornton

CrossFit is considered a workout lifestyle choice in which you can prioritize your health and fitness abilities. According to CrossFit headquarters this workout phenomenon has been steadily growing for a decade. It combines weightlifting, gymnastics, core training, and cardio into a constantly evol ...
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An Interview with Ken Berry – MLB All Star and Celebrity Baseball Coach

Major League Baseball is supposed to be in the in the midst of a “golden era” that has set the league up for a long and prosperous future according to commissioner Bud Selig. He made this statement prior to the All-Star Game at New York’s Citi Field. “The last nine years have been the greate ...
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The World Cup Show Beyond the Cheers with Kerrie Hopkins

The World Cup is more than just a sporting event. Even those of us with limited knowledge of the game can get into the spirit of the finals. What’s not to love about the drama, the action and the spectacle of watching players from around the world compete and interact?There have been 19 World Cup ...
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The Culture of Injuries Plaguing Sports

Professional athletes have been known to play with collapsed lungs, broken legs, concussions and countless numbers of other injuries. Some have fought with team doctors following an incident to get back into the game without delay. Players have even been known to deceive coaches and trainers on the ...

Concussions Can Kill

Late January in 2011, 14-year-old Ben Robinson played rugby union for his school. After being treated three times for blows to the head and sent back onto the field following each occasion, he collapsed and later died in hospital. Ben took too many hits to the head in too short a period of time. ...
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Mixed Martial Arts: A knockout of a Sport with Jake Shannon, MMA Expert

Boxing for youth had mostly been praised for promoting discipline and self-defense for athletes and for decades it was in the spotlight. But now, there’s nothing hotter than the UFC. Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) is a sport that combines all facets of fighting into one and sees grown men fighting unti ...
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