Numerology in Sports: Your Number May Control Your Destiny

Numbers hold a greater significance than most people realize. The meaningful numbers in our lives—from birth dates, to street addresses and phone numbers, and even the numbers that correspond with the letters of our names are known to impact our relationships and our successes.

For athletes, the right jersey number may have a serious impact on their performance and long term affect on their careers. Astro numerologist Jesse Kalsi explores the numbers of the stars and offers insight into the unique power of jersey numbers, team names, and more.

Jesse Kalsi is a world-renowned astro numerologist with more than 20 years in practice, basing his services on research-tested methods. He specializes in residential and business numerology and has helped thousands of individuals and companies understand how numbers can affect their lives.

He’s our first live guest of 2014 who reveals the following interesting considerations and relationships between athletes and numbers;

  • Will Derek Jeter and his #2 jersey help bring the Yankees to the World Series this year?

  • Had Joe Montana’s #16 jersey, combined with the team name of the San Francisco 49ers, helped them to win four Super Bowls?

  • Did Michael Jordan’s #23 with both the University of North Carolina and the Chicago Bulls gave him the power to transform the sport of basketball—and did it assure his immortal reputation?

  • Why do some celebrities change their names to align with better, more successful numbers?

We’ll discuss these points further with Jesse Kalsi, on Wednesday, January 8th, where he’ll also answer questions from our visitors and comment with blog-talk, joining us in conversation as he shares the world of numerology.

Learn how numbers can affect your life and how digits work wonderment in the world of sports.

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