Michael Adams Author – Missing Canadian Hockey Franchises
*Violetta Afanasieva 2006 Extreme Ice Skating Champions & BOTB Season 3
Kathy Barnett Team Canada
Marilyn Barnicke Belleghem Family Therapist
Paul Barrett Canadian Weightlifting Federation
Deanna Barry Canadian Water Polo Association
*Greg Beaudin Floorball Promoter
Debra Beauregard Canada Dance
*Bryan Berard Retired NHL Player and Battle of the Blades Season 3
*Dr. Michael Bergeron Director Health and Safety for Youth Sports
Dennis Bishop Squash Canada
*Sarah Black Canadian National Women’s 4 and 8 Rowing Team
Joey Bondi Canadian Skateboard Champ
Alana Boudreau Athletics Canada
*Coach Dale Brown Retired Basketball Coach LSU & Professional Speaker
James Brown 2nd Place Freestyle World Frisbee Championship
*Mandy Bujold Canadian Female Boxer
Jason Burnett Olympic Trampoline Silver Medalist 2008
Kevin Burns Bowl Canada
*Samantha Cabiles Olympic Figure Skating hopeful
*Ken Campbell Senior Writer of The Hockey News
*Dr. Robert Cantu Co-Director Center for Study of Traumatic Encephalopothy
*Theresa Carriere Kidstrong, Athlete and Breast Cancer Survivor
Jeff Carter Philadelphia Flyers
*Christie Casciano News Anchor WSYR and Author of The Puck Hog
Jane Casson President Ringette Canada
*John Chehade Director of CMRG Ltd
Don Cherry CBC Hockey Analyst
*Scott Clark President and VP of Operations of Impakt Protective
Pinball Clemons Vice Chair Toronto Argonauts & Football Great
*Dr. Patrick Cohn Owner/Founder, Master Mental Game Coach
*Melanie Cole Exercise Physiologist, Personal Trainer and Broadcaster
Rod Connop Former Edmonton Eskimos Hall of Famer
Dr. Peter Cook Psychiatrist Child and Family Mental Health
Yvan Cournoyer Retired NHL Player
*Jim Craig Olympic Gold Medalist Miracle on Ice USA Team/Motivational Speaker
Dr. Peter Crocker Simon Fraser University
*Glen Cundari President of Golf Canada
*Dr. Michael Cusimano President of Hockey Canada
*Dr. Michael Czarnota Official Neuropsychology Consultant to CHL
*Rich Decker Personal Trainer to the Stars
*Patrick Delahunty Addictions Counselor
*Brooke de Lench Founder of
*Dr. Paul Dennis Sports Psychologist and Advisor GTHL
Beverly Dickinson Director Gymnastics Canada
Ryan Dixon The Hockey News
*Jason Dorland Olympian, World Championship Rower
*Dr. Kim Dorsch Sport Psychology & Kinesiology University of Regina
*Marie-France Dubreuil World Silver Medalist Canadian Ice Dancer
*Alyson Dudek US Olympic Medalist Speedskater
*Dr. Paul Echliln MD, CCFP, Dip Sports Med, Dip ABFM, CAQSM
Wayne Elderton Wheelchair Tennis Instructor
*Amanda Evora Olympic Pairs Skater and Battle of the Blades 2014 Champion
Adele Faber Author of Siblings Without Rivalry
*Kendra Fisher Former Member of Team Canada Program
Nathan Fleck National Inline Hockey Association
Cyndie Flett Coaching Association of Canada
Theo Fleury Retired NHL Player
*Dr. Susan Forbes Adjunct Professor School of Kinesiology Lakehead University
Teresa Gabrielle Canadian National Team Point Guard
*Catherine Garceau Olympic Medalist, Motivational Speaker & Health Educator
*John Gardner President of Greater Toronto Hockey League
*Jeannine Garside Champion Women’s Boxer
*Debra Gassewitz President and CEO of SIRC
*Isabelle Giroux Assessment and Evaluation Consultant at EPSI
*Kevin Glew Cooperstown in Canada
*Al Goldis Retired Major League Scott and Baseball Hall of Famer
*Dr. Judy Goss Director of Sport Performance Canadian Sport Centre
*Kerry Goulet Retired Professional Hockey Player and Concussion Advocate
Paul Green Ski Canada Magazine
*John Greenburg Author & Sports Historian
Terry Gregson Director of Officiating NHL
Glenn Hall Retired NHL Player
*Jen Hanks Athlete and Breast Cancer Survivor
*The Hanson Brothers Hockey Heroes
*Jon Harris President of Athlife
Tony Hawk World Skateboard Champion and Expert
Frank Hayden
*Tom Henke Retired Pitcher “The Terminator”
*Pat Hentgen Retired Pitcher, Toronto Blue Jays Coach
Shawn Hill Toronto Blue Jays
*Tim Higgins Addictions Counselor & Retired NHL Player
*Mark Hominick Mixed Martial Arts Fighter
*Bruce Hood Retired NHL Referee
Jessica Hornby Women’s National Air Rifle Champion
*Jerry Howarth The Voice of the Toronto Blue Jays
*Dr. Blaine Hoshizaki Hockey Concussion Expert and Researcher
*Cale Hulse Retired NHL Player
*Ramogi Huma Founder National College Player’s Assocation
Alex Hutchinson The Science of Running
Dr. Peter Jaffe Centre Research on Violence Against Women & Children
Chad Jassman Team Canada Women
Robert Joncas High Performance Boss , Canada Snowboard
*Jennifer Birch- Jones Consultant at Intersol Group
*Sheldon Kennedy Retired NHL Player and Respect In Sport advocate
*Adam Kreek Olympian & Olympic Gold Medalist, Expert in High Performance
*PJ Kwong Figure Skating Coach, Announcer and CBC Analyst
Nancy LaFleche Team Canada Men
*Pierre Lafontaine Chief Executive Director & National Coach Swimming Canada
Lorraine Lafraniere Director Canoe Kayak Canada
*Kara Lang Canadian National Women Soccer Star
Roxane Lalonde Director Ringette Canada
Jacques Landry Chief Technical Officer Canadian Cycling
Richard Lanning Provincial Rifle Coach
Dr. Richard Lapchick Institute for Diversity and Ethics in Sports
George Laraque Retired NHL Player
*Silken Laumann Olympic Medalist, Author and Speaker
*Reggie Leach Owner/Founder, Just Play Management Behaviour
Catriona LeMay Doan Canadian Olympic Medalist Speed Skater
Mario Lemieux Retired NHL Player and Team Owner
Jeffrey Lindell Canadian Water Polo Association
Eric Lindros Retired NHL Player
Keith Loach Development Coordinator – Skeleton
Kevin MacKinnon Canadian Running
*Franco Maimone Director of Consulting at EPSI
Annie Martin Team Quebec
*Tony Martindale Executive Director Alliance Hockey
Elaine Mazlish Author of Siblings Without Rivalry
Marnie McBean Triple Olympic Gold Medalist in Rowing
David McFarlane Author of Hockeyland Article
*Phillip McKee Executive Director of OHF
Melissa McKenzie Executive Director of Canadian Lacrosse Association
*Bob McKeown The Fifth Estate Investigative Reporter
Ron McLean Canadian Sportscaster – CBC
*Regan McMahon Journalist and Author
*Paul Melia President and CEO of CCES
*Dr. Saul Miller Performance Specialist Consulting
*Ian Mofford Retired Montreal Alouette and Grey Cup Champ
Dr. Shane Murphy Sports Psychologist
*Brantt Myhres Retired NHL Player
David Naylor Globe and Mail – Canadian Hockey Franchises
Christine Nesbitt Canadian Olympic Medalist Speed Skater
*Rebecca Nesdale-Tucker Executive Director & CEO
Ingrid Newkirk PETA Founder and President
Kathy Newman Director Marketing Wheelchair Basketball
*Bob Nicholson President of Hockey Canada
*Chris Nilan Retired NHL Player, Anti Bullying Advocate
Ari Novick Director Coaching, Centre of Excellence Tennis Canada
Norm O’Reilly Business Professor Stanford University
Shawn O Sullivan Boxing Olympian
*Alexandra Orlando Retired Olympic Gymnast & Professional Speaker
*Brian Orser Olympic Medalist Figure Skater/Trainer/Mentor
*Dr. Nick Pappas Personal and Athletic Solutions, Author The Dark Side of Sports
David Patchell Evans Goodlife Fitness Clubs
*David Patterson President of Ringette Canada
*Donna Paul Quarterback for Toronto Triumph
*John Michael Phillips Sports Agent
Geri Powell Racquetball Canada
*Keith Primeau Retired NHL Player and Multiple Concussion Survivor
Wayne Primeau Retired NHL player
Adam Proteau The Hockey News
*Pete Quevillon Kidsport Organizer
Ed Quinlan OBA Supervisor of Umpires
*Elaine Raakman Owner/Founder, Just Play Management Behaviour
Graham Ramsay Soccer Specialist
Ross Rebagliati Olympic Snowboarder Gold Medalist
Jeffrey Reed Award Winning Sports Writer
Rick Reilly Sports Illustrated, Journalist, Author and Speaker
*Kevin Rempel Olympian, World Championship Rower
*Martin Richard Communications Director of Swimming Canada
Kate Richardson Former Olympic Gymnast
Jamie Sale Olympic Gold Medalist
*Jim Sandlak Retired NHL Player
*Lawrence Scanlan Author of Grace and Fire
Josh Shaddock Abused GTHL Player
*Lisa Shackelton Yoga Teacher Extraordinaire
Brendan Shanahan VP of hockey and business operations for NHL
*Dr. Harvey Shapiro Doping Control Officer Utah 2002 Olympics and Author
Dr. Gordon Sleivert VP, Sport Performance
Sue Smyth
*Dr. Kim Sogge Sports Psychologist
Stephanie Splitter Elite Basketball Camp
Eric Staal NHL – Carolina Hurricanes
Jordan Staal NHL – Pittsburgh Penguins
Matt Stairs San Diego Padres
*Joanne Stapensea President of Theratape
Amanda Stepenko Development Coordinator, Bobsleigh Canada
*Elvis Stojko Olympic Figure Skating Medalist
*Nikki Stone US Olympic Gold Medalist in Aerial Skiing and Motivational Speaker
*Glenn Thibault NDP MP
*Jim Thomson Retire NHL Player
Joe Thornton NHL – San Jose Sharks
*Scott Thornton Retired NHL Player and Crossfit Guru
Jason Thorp Editor of Inside Moto-X
*Dee Dee Trotter Olympic Track and Field Gold and Bronze Medalist
*Kathleen Trotter Personal Trainer and Fitness Expert
*Brian Tuohy Author of Larceny Games and The Fix Is In
*Dana and Ken VanAlstine Reining and Horse Experts
*Chris Waddell 12 Time Paralympic Medalist
Mike Walton Retired NHL Player
*Duane Ward Retired MLB Pitcher
Dr. Bob Warnock Chiropractor for Dogs and Horses
Richard Way Canadian Sport for Life (CS4L)
Tara Whitten World Champion Track Cyclist
*Ron Wicks Retired NHL Referee
*Hayley Wickenheiser Four Time Canadian Olympic Medalist in Women’s Hockey
*Dr. Barry Willer Concussion Treatment Expert
Serena and Venus Williams Tennis Pros
Dr. Keith Wilson Sports Psychotherapist & Performance Consultant
*Mookie Wilson Coach of New York Mets and Retired MLB Player
*Jessica Zelinka Canadian Olympic Heptathalete and Hurdler
*Gavin Ziv Director of National Events at Tennis Canada
Dr. Jiri Zuzanek Recreation & Leisure Studies, University of Waterloo
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