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31 December 2014 The World of Olympic Figure Skating with Amanda Evora
24 December 2014 Are Sports Fixed?
17 December 2014 Inside the KHL with Bernd Brückler
10 December 2014 Life Goals and Aspirations with Alyson Dudek
3 December 2014 Managing Post Concussion Syndrome
26 November 2014 Influencing Behaviours in Athletics
19 November 2014 Joga with Jana Webb
12 November 2014 How Safe Are Kids Sports?
5 November 2014 Concussions Kill!
29 October 2014 Breakthrough in Helmet Technology with Bill Simpson of SG Helmet
15 October 2014 Safe4Athletes
8 October 2014 Sport Injuries and How It Affects Being Drafted with Leigh Steinberg
1 October 2014 NCAVA: Violent and Criminal Behaviour of Athletes
24 September 2014 Spygate with Brian O’Leary
17 September 2014 Concussions and The NFL with Don Brady
10 September 2014 Post Concussion Syndrome: Living Trough It with Wendy Clawsey
3 September 2014 Benefits of Breakthrough Thinking in Sports
27 August 2014 Three Ways to Tai Chi The Brain
20 August 2014 Why We Love Dangerous Sports
13 August 2014 Encore Presenation: Concussions Can Kill
6 August 2014 Crossfit Indestri with Scott Thornton
30 July 2014 Training Celebrities to Play Baseball with Ken Berry
23 July 2014 Fun World Cup Show for Non-Soccer Fans
16 July 2014 Leigh Steinberg:Injuries Plaguing Sports and How It Affects Player Ranking
9 July 2014 Death by Concussion: The Ben Robinson Story
2 July 2014 The Human Cost of MMA
25 June 2014 How Safe Are Kid’s Sports
18 June 2014 Joga with Jana Webb
11 June 2014 Measuring Brain Waves to Detect Concussions
4 June 2014 Influencing Behaviours of Athletes in Sport
28 May 2014 Unionization of College Athletes with John Greenburg
21 May 2014 On Top of your Goals with Mental Skills Training Coach Carrie Cheadle
14 May 2014 Speed Skating and Fighting Bullying with Olympic Medalist Alyson Dudek
07 May 2014 Unsinkable with Silken Laumann
30 Apr 2014 Inside the KHL with Player Bernd Brukler
23 Apr 2014 A Different Approach to Managing Post Concussion Syndrome
16 Apr 2014 Fitness Brush Up with Kathleen Trotter
09 Apr 2014 Bullying in the NFL with Retired NFL Running Back Thomas Clayton
02 Apr 2014 The Opening Pitch of MLB with The Terminator Tom Henke
26 Mar 2014 Concussions in Hockey: A Study by Dr. Paul Echlin
19 Mar 2014 The World of Rowing
12 Mar 2014 Bullying In Kids Sports with Christie Casciano
05 Mar 2014 Alex Rodriguez: The Verdict Is In!
26 Feb 2014 Football Helmets Aren’t All They Are Cracked Up To Be!
19 Feb 2014 Health and Fitness for Woman
12 Feb 2014 Are Sporting Events Fixed
05 Feb 2014 US Bobsled Olympic Outlook with Olympian Nick Cunningham
29 Jan 2014 Amanda Evora: Olympic Figure Skating
22 Jan 2014 2014 Olympics: The Games, Athletes and Threat of Terrorist Activity
15 Jan 2014 Goal Setting for the Olympics and Life with Adam Kreek
08 Jan 2014 Numerology in Sports: The Number You Wear Controls Your Destiny
01 Jan 2014 2013: The Good, Bad and Ugly of the Year in Sports
25 Dec 2013 BEYONDtheCheers – Best of 2013 Special

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